Mastering Your Own Destiny

Decision made: Operation Ausexit is a go.

There were lots of tears. Tears when I told my boss I wouldn’t be stepping into her shoes and taking the promotion, tears when I broke the news to close friends, one by one. Tears when I finally told my team, relief that it’s no longer a secret but sadness that it’s now so real. Tears of joy from Mum every time she remembers I’m coming back. And tears every time I see or do something I won’t be able to do again once I move back. Walk on the beach after work, have my birthday in summer, surrounding yourself with gum trees on a Sunday morning and basking in the magicalness of it all.

One of the life lessons I have learnt is that you are the master of your own destiny. Things came to a bit of point a month ago when decisions made, resignation submitted and all the best intentions made, work needed to replace me and advertise for my replacement. I needed to earn considerably more money to pay for apartment renos, and a shipping container to take all my stuff home. Fortunately, I have skills I can whore out to the highest bidder and it turns out I’m quite the whore.

A stressful couple of weeks touting myself around my network, came back with 4 potential roles on a 6-month contract. Crunching number showed 2 of the 4 weren’t worth jumping ship for as the incremental increase in wages would be negligible. 1 wasn’t a solid offer and the final was the perfect solution. A very lucrative part-time gig allowing for a handover and keeping my hand in at my current job. I thought I’d crashed out of the interview and following an angsty weekend of waiting got the wonderful news the job was mine. Cue more tears.

I started my new part-time life yesterday, and while it’s going to be busy at best and chaotic on an average day, I’m so proud of hustling myself into this position. I get the best of both worlds: living the corporate life in fancy pants offices, interstate travel, enabling weekends away in QLD, earning a disgraceful daily rate; then keep it real in charity world, seeing through my plans, topping up the coffers and living locally. Talk about balance…

…So long as balance doesn’t mean too much office time as my bestie reminded me last night. I have 6 months of Aus life left ahead of me (until I come back of course!) and I will be making sure I will be maximising all the opportunities.

Speaking of which, I must prepare the spare room ready for my next Airbnb guests.


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